What do you mean by Home UPS and Inverter?

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Buying an inverter is more economical than buying a generator. But because it will still cost you a bit and we don’t want you to be disappointed, it pays to know and get the right one for you. With 100s of inverter models available out there, you would need to visit tons of stores or read tons of reviews online first before you can make up a decision. Of course, you would want to get the best value for your hard earned money.

Best Inverter for Home Use in India


This is considered one of India’s most intelligent UPS due to its full packed features. Its front finishing looks nice and neat as there are not many buttons or distracting designs. This is one of the inverters in the market that has a high loading capacity.

Microtek Ups

This inverter is perfect in its very durable design, with its solid buttons and compact body. The display is also commendable hence indicators can be easily viewed. It also has the over-charge protection that is good for preserving battery life.

What do you mean by Home UPS and Inverter?

The main function of any Home UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Inverter would be to provide uninterrupted power supply during any kind of power supply failure. UPSs are generally used for providing power back up to desktop computer whereas inverters are used for supplying AC power to general household appliances. Inverters under our Online Inverter Price List would be sine wave inverters, which would reduce or eliminate any kind of humming noise from external appliances.

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