Tips to select the best Inverter for Home

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Power cuts are a common in Indian households, and if you are frustrated with the frequent power cuts, then you should plan to invest in an inverter for your house. While selecting the best inverter and battery for home you should choose the one that suits your needs as it should be based on the power requirements .

Power requirement: The most important thing to find out before you go ahead with selecting an inverter is the power needs of your home. In simpler terms, the electrical appliances that you want to run when there is a power failure define your requirement. For example, if you want to run a fan, two tube lights, and a TV when there is a power cut, then it is calculated as below.

1 Tube light = 60 Watts

1 Fan = 70 Watts

1 TV = 120 Watts

Then your electricity needs are 2*60+70+120 = 310 Watts.

To calculate the VA rating needed for an inverter, the power factor of it should be calculated. The power factor is the ratio of amount of power required by the electrical appliances to the amount of energy supplied by the inverter. Inverter manufacturers in Chennai say that the power factor lies in the range of 0.6 to 0.8 and the efficiency of these inverters also ranges from 60 to 80%.

You can purchase inverters online or it is best to purchase from inverter dealers in Chennai.

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