Tips to Buy the best Batteries

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When it comes to buying an inverter or Batteries, there are primarily few areas where one needs to pay the most attention to. They are:-

  • Decide the load and capacity. say your load is 650 watts
  • Choose an inverter which is slightly more in capacity such as 850 watts or 1 kW.
  • Find out prices of various inverters available in your area which can be home serviced by its dealers.
  • Choose a battery (lead acid open type or sealed type) depending upon whether you would like periodic maintenance (topping up distilled water) or not. Sealed type are expensive.
  • If you want to put inverter and battery in drawing room near to your Tv and cooler then buy a good looking box and trolley.
  • Battery voltage (12 V or 24 V ) is decided by inverter so you do not have much choice but you can choose Ampere Hour capacity (AH) depending upon how long back up time you want. For example one 12 V inverter with 100 Ah battery may give 2 hour back up for certain load. It will give 4 hour back up for 180 Ah battery. Bigger battery costs more, takes more space but pays off in long run. back up time is decided by how much time power is shut off in your locality.
  • If possible ask for pure sine wave inverter so that fans, coolers will not make a noise on it.
  • It should have fast switch over time so that desktop computers can always be used on it.

Now, keeping into consideration the exploration and analysis that made me take the buying decision for my inverter and batteries just a few hours ago, I would recommend that you buy the ones that are not looting your money by making use of sub-standard and inferior cooling fan to cool down the temperatures inside the inverter casing. Generation of heat when electrical appliances are in operation is a natural and healthy phenomenon. For this purpose, manufacturers make use of a cooling fan to reduce the operating temperatures and bring them back to permissible range.

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