Su-Kam presents a large variety of premium battery series collection for Inverters, UPS and Home UPS. Su-Kam’s batteries can be broadly divided into two types Lead Acid and Tubular environment friendly battery types. Su-kam’s batteries offers good electrical performance made from long lasting material and sturdy structure. Along with excellent battery charging acceptance it can withstand high power, Su-Kam’s lead acid batteries are also in built with protection against leakage and corrosion. Equipped with features like Faster charging, low maintenance and longer standby life Su-kam’s tubular battery series makes just the perfect fit for your uses.


Macroz Series – 25AH, 50AH

Advanced tubular batteries designed to suit 150VA & 250VA Inverters and UPS. It is equipped with Superior active material for excellent deep discharge capability.

Jumboz Series – 150AH

Sukam Offers a Reliable battery even in high temperature applications. These Batteries acceptability to sustain even high rate discharges on heavy load

Power Bank Series – 50AH – 220 AH

Made with Extra thick plates for excellent discharge performance which increases the battery life. It has Double separation between plates to prevent them from shorting and active material shedding. Using advances (US) technology for Inter Cell Welding which ensues optimal performance due to low internal resistance.

Why to choose Su-Kam Batteries

  • Sukam Tall Tubular’s specification matches the Market Leader Warranty and Life Expectancy
  • Extremely pure Lead Oxide for low maintenance and higher shelf life
  • Less power consumption during recharging
  • Values for money
  • Reliable
  • Robust, tolerant to rough handling
  • Longer life
  • Better back-up
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