LivFast Batteries, a leading power back-up solutions provider

LivFast Batteries are built with the sophisticated pure sine wave technology. It helps in saving electricity and makes your appliances run smoothly and noiselessly. These powerful inverters have the maximum safety with auto reset, reverse polarity protection, overcharge of battery and deep discharge protection. These batteries are available with Tall Tubular, Short Tall Tubular, Short Tubular Jumbo and Flat Plate technologies.



Livfast 1830 Battery

Livfast 1830 Battery offers high performance with 150 AH capacity. These lead acid batteries are backup power solutions for range of applications. These can be used in Home as well as in Office.

Livfast Maximo MXFP 1842 | 150 Ah

Livfast Maximo MXFP 1842 | 150 Ah is a perfect power backup solution for you. It offers you a consistent and reliable power. These flat plate batteries are easy to maintain and are easily efficient.

Livfast Maximo MXTT 2660

Livfast Maximo MXTT 2660 are equipped with Unlimited power, long lasting batteries and these batteries have 25% higher backup, 25% longer life and deep discharge cycle design with 100 AH – 230 AH power

Why to Choose LivFast

  • Low Maintenance
  •  Longer Life
  • Quick Recharge Formulation
  • Hassle Free Service
  • 100% Tubular
  • Paper Less Warranty
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