We offer you the superior quality Tubular Batteries, Solar Batteries that can be widely for residential and commercial use, in a safe manner. These batteries are equipped in consistent way that the supply power reliably, no matter how many times you use them. The batteries are scientifically designed, have long lives, and can easily withstand frequent or long power cuts. They promise excellent performance, need low maintenance, are resistant to corrosion and can be recharged quickly too. These batteries are safe to use as they ensure to use durable materials.

Similarly, if You get a pure sine wave inverter which is indication of latest technology inverters, the prices will be little higher compared to square wave inverters.  A pure sine wave inverter does not create humming noise from fans and it will not let sensitive appliances heat up such as a laptop adapter. Pure Sine wave UPS is considered to be the best quality UPS.

Home size Recommendation Running Load
1BHK 650Va lights and fans
2 and 3BHK 850 to 1100Va light,fan,Tv,Desktop/laptop and wifi
4 and 5BHK 1500 to 2000Va light,fan,Tv,Desktop/laptop,wifi,Mixer and Refrigerator
shops and office 2.5KVa to 10Va light,fan,Tv,AC,Multiple Desktop and Submersiable pump
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