How to Maintain Your Inverter Battery

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How to Maintain Your Inverter Battery

~Make the most of your Inverter with these tips ~

Gone are the days where people used to use generators as a source of electricity backup. With technology taking steps ahead every day, different sources of backup are evolving. One of the commonly used ones is the Inverter. It is not only convenient to install, but the inverter battery also works as a backup for almost all appliances in the house including air conditioner.

Like every appliance, the inverters’ maintenance is also necessary and, specially, the battery requires special care. An inverter’s maintenance does not end with filing up batteries with distilled water, it includes various other aspects. You can either hire a local technician who would promise complete maintenance but would end up filling water only, or you can try these simple tips at home. Trust us with these free-of-cost tips!

If you are expecting your inverter to run for years, maintain its battery and see the difference. We assure that your inverter will be good to go for every season.

Which battery to use for my Inverter?
Inverter Maintenance tips
Correct battery for the inverter is essential and it should be as per the power requirement of the house. Always ensure that you buy a proper Ah (Ampere hour) capacity based battery. And depending upon the power consumption, decide the capacity of the batteries.

Where to keep inverter in house?
Maintaining Inverter Battery
Since inverter is a source of power in the house, it produces heat while working. So, always you’re your inverter and batteries in a well-ventilated area and where moisture can’t get through.

How to improve inverter battery life?
Make a regular use of the inverter battery. In case, you don’t witness any power-cuts in your house, discharge the battery completely once every month and then charge it again.

When to use the water level of an inverter battery?
It is always recommended to check the water level of your inverter battery every 2 months. Always ensure that the water level to be kept between the minimum and maximum water limit.

How to clean inverter batteries?
Cleaning Inverter Battery
Not only internal cleanliness, but surroundings of the inverter battery should also be kept clean. Use a piece of cotton cloth to clean surface and sides of battery, making clean and dust free.

How to clean the inverter battery terminals?
Inverter Battery Maintainence Tips
Your inverter battery shall never be corroded; always keep it rust free. Rusting and corrosion are very harmful for a battery’s performance.

When to replace an inverter battery?
You should have a regular inspection for your complete inverter maintenance. This will help in detecting if the battery is dead /damaged or about to. Prefer calling a professional technician for the inspection.

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