How to maintain the Battery life?

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Battery maintenance tips

· Install inverter in airy place: – Inverter battery gets easily heated when they are charged, so it is advisable to opt for a ventilated area for the inverter installation. An airy place reduces the risk of heat in the battery and keeps it cool.
· Use inverter regularly: – I am saying that use inverter regularly, it doesn’t mean that you start using it even there is not power cut. If the electricity cut does not occur, then discharge the battery completely once and every month and charge it again.
· Check the water level: – Make sure you check the water level once in every two months, ensure that ha water level is maintained. Always use distilled water in the battery.
· Keep the terminal clean: – Make sure that the terminal of the battery is always free from rust and corrosion. If you find rust and corrosion on the terminals, then clean it with a tooth brush and after cleaning it.
· Replace old inverter battery with branded battery: – If your battery is old, dead or damaged, then replace it immediately with a trusted branded battery. First survey the market online and offline, then buy the best product which is durable and inexpensive.
Best inverter battery
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