How to increase the life of inverter battery

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Buying inverter batteries is a tiring and time consuming task. This is so because of the fact that you have to compare several batteries and several stores before finalizing the right one. This results in wastage of time and additional costs (in going to the store). Most of us live a very busy life these days and finding time for tasks like these is very difficult.

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How to increase the life of inverter battery

There are few simple things by following you can increase the lifespan or longevity of inverter battery.

  1. First and most important, replenish the distilled water at right time. Depending on your battery type and usage pattern it may take one month to 3 months. Better keep a reminder in your smartphone calendar or make habit of checking on every first of the month.
  2. Apply grease the socket connections to protect the inverter battery from corrosion or rust decays. If there is corrosion already better to remove it with the help of the old brush, hot water and baking soda.
  3. The the battery discharge completely once in a month and freshly charge it again. It will refresh the inner electrolyte.
  4. It is always better not to connect high load devices to the inverter and overuse the devices when they are not necessary. Using energy efficiency the home appliance also lowers the burden on the inverter battery significantly.

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