Common Inverter Problems and Solution

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Most of the households by now are well aware of inverters and their inevitable contribution in providing uninterrupted power supplies in our homes. An inverter is an essential device when it comes to the continuous supply of power in Indian homes and offices. It provides power during power cuts for smooth and uninterrupted working of our appliances and equipment.

Here are few problems faced with inverters and their solutions

Power switch defect: This is one of the most common inverter problems for its not working. For a defective power switch, you must take it to the service centre for repair, or you can contact the service centre.

Battery is not connected: One of the other common problems for the inverter not working, loose battery connections or no connections. To connect it to the inverter and then switch it on.

Shortened back up time: Shortened back up time can either be because of too much power consumption or the battery is not fully charged up. For excess power usage, reduce the load. If the battery has lost electrolyte, then top up the battery with distilled water regularly. Just a small tip that always keeps the water level between the maximum and minimum mark. Or in case of discharged battery, it will require several hours of charging before working efficiently.

Alarm beeping continuously: An inverter alarm beeps due to overload, or a stuck cooling fan. For the problem of overload, remove all the extra load or else call for professional help.

Battery is weak or faulty: If the battery is not working then either it is faulty or about to be dead. Both the cases mean battery replacement.

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