Complete guide for Inverter Service

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By carrying out an inverter Service and management service, we are able to provide that specialist attention to the inverter, by ensuring that the inverters are serviceable, ready for use 24 hours per day. Utilizing a database if necessary, we are able to keep customers informed and up to date on all drives, in operation, in stores and in repair.

By increasing the reliability of the inverters used in a manufacturing environment, we are able to reduce the downtime due to a reduction of inverter failures, therefore helping the customer increase their productivity, with the aim of zero breakdowns.

By carrying out careful planning (including asset registration) and setting out the project in clear areas we will ensure all requirements are covered. This includes ensuring, where required by the customer, the inverter maintenance program incorporating an asset register, repair history and condition monitoring reports, is used and is delivering the outputs required. The planning stage will also ensure the inverter stock is correctly stored and the correct stock coverage is also in place.

Choosing the right UPS for your Home

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A power UPS or UPS is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).The input voltage, output voltage and frequency and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The UPS does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source.A power UPS can be entirely electronic or may be a combination of mechanical effects (such as a rotary apparatus) and electronic circuitry.

Choosing the right UPS and battery for your homes entirely depends on your power requirement , the VA rating that is required based on the power requirement and battery that is suitable for the UPS. Once you know the total requirement , picking the right product just becomes easier.

Some maintenance tips to ensure proper efficiency of the UPS:

Battery placement: Always use a well ventilated area for UPS installation. The UPS battery gets heated up during charging and operation. An airy place reduces the heating up of the battery.It also reduces the frequent water topping requirement.

Battery usage: After installation use battery on a regular basis. If the power cut does not occur, discharge the battery completely once every month and then recharge it.

Water level check: Check the water level of battery every two months. Ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit. Always top up the battery with distilled water. Do not use tap water or rainwater as it contains excess minerals and impurities which affect the life and performance of the battery.

Cleanliness: Always keep the surface and sides of battery clean and dust free. Use cotton cloth to clean these surfaces


Best inverter battery Service center

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Highpower inverter support all branded inverters service. We have experience service eng… Visit your door step service your valuable time and we support AMC all so. Call now you have special offers.


  • Battery is the essential part of inverter which need continuous attention and maintenance. Normally people place inverter batteries in a concealed place to make it out of reach of children in safety point of view.
  • We provide inverter & UPS repair services for all brands and all types. We have many types, sizes, brands, and models of inverters in our showroom
  • Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and disposing of them by the same process as regular trash has raised concerns over soil contamination.
  • A device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level .the batteries are always connected to the inverter, so that no power transfer switches are necessary.
  • The battery, starting and charging systems are interrelated by a continual cycle of converting chemical energy to mechanical energy and then back again.Need a new truck or car battery?
  • Batteries that are used in handheld devices are usually easily recharged or easily replaced, and are designed to operate at moderate temperatures.we proudly sales and service of industrial batteries


Tips for Inverter Battery for good Performance

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Inverters remain India’s most used alternative electricity source. They are easy to install and works for almost all appliances installed in your home or office. In some cases, the inverter acts as a backup for air conditioning needs. However, one should not miss that a battery is an integral part of a power backup system. Not only does it store the power, but it also helps with the upkeeping of the inverter’s functions.

You would want the batteries to last long and for several years, just like many other appliances. To accomplish this, you can either employ a trustworthy technician or try these easy tips at home. Try out these tips for inverter battery to ensure good performance.

Inverter Battery Maintenance Tips

  1. You must install your inverter and battery in a well-ventilated area. It is needed because the inverter battery gets warmed up during charging and operation. An airy position decreases the risk of heating the battery.
  2. Ensure that the water level is always maintained. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that only distilled water should be used for refiling purpose, boiled water or rainwater should not be used.
  3. Using your battery daily is critical. When your deep cycle inverter battery is being used to power a mechanism, it is important to control the charge and not accidentally find yourself without power. Depending on the manufacturer, deep-cycle batteries tend to discharge 45-75 percent of their power.

Home UPS is suitable for your home

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This is where a Uninterrupted Power Supply actually comes into the picture. As the name suggests, UPS simply delivers uninterrupted power. It significantly has minimal mains to inverter conversion time nearly 1 millisecond.
Remembering this issue of running IT loads at home, many UPS manufacturers came up with the brand new home UPS. This UPS can play the role of both an inverter and a UPS in accordance with your convenience.
Home Uninterrupted Power Supply is the device which has been made for working as both an inverter and UPS and so now you have the power of controlling it.

How does a Home UPS work?
A UPS can run every type of load easily. Switching to the UPS mode, you can run lots of sophisticated devices like modems and computers and even you can also run any other kind of home appliances such as fans, tube lights, and bulbs selecting the UPS mode.
So, this is certainly great news for the householders. So, buy a home UPS today from a reliable UPS dealer and say goodbye to every issue caused by power outages.

How to Take Care of Your Inverter Battery?

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Battery is like a backbone of an inverter, which is responsible for its smooth and efficient working. Therefore, regular maintenance and care are very crucial for the battery’s performance.

Here are few tips for Inverter battery maintenance

  • Always use a well-ventilated area for inverter installation. The inverter battery gets heated up during charging up and in operation. Proper ventilation reduces the heating up of the battery and water topping requirement.
  • After installation, keep using the inverter battery on a regular basis. If the power cut doesn’t happen, then discharge the battery once a month and then recharge it.
  • Check the water level of the battery Ensure that the water level is maintained between the minimum and maximum water limit. Also, make sure to top up the battery with distilled water. Do not affect the life and performance of the battery by using rainwater or tap water as they contain excess minerals and impurities.
  • Always keep the surface and sides of the battery clean and dust-free.
  • Keep the battery terminals corrosion-free and rust-free. The restricted flow of current results in slow battery charging which ultimately reduces battery life.
  • Keep a check on the blocked vents of the battery as they lead to hydrogen gas accumulation, which may lead to bursting of the battery.
  • Install the inverter at a safe place where it is away from the reach of children.
  • Replace the Inverter battery if it is dead or damaged. Regular inspection will keep you updated on your inverter and battery conditions.
luminous car battery

Inverters and Car Battery dealers in chennai

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High power system is an authorized distributor of Inverter dealer and Car Battery dealers in chennai. Our firm serves the power requirements for governmental offices, non profit organizations and private agencies. We also undertake annual maintenance contracts, and provide onsite support, up gradation and buy back for your existing Inverter/ On-line UPS/ Batteries. We deal with range of high quality car batteries, which is available in different specifications and models based on the client’s request.

We provide Free Installation Service in Chennai. We are best Microtek Inverter battery dealers in Chennai. We Deliver our product very fast following places in Chennai .

We are always happy to serve our customers and we always get good reply from them. We provide excellent service to the customers. Our batteries have high resistance to corrosion and have long battery life. All batteries are offered with warranty. These batteries are truly maintenance free. These batteries are available in different models according to the requirements of the clients. They provide uninterrupted service to the customers while driving. It provides smoothness. We supply these types of batteries made of high quality materials that are tested for their quality and efficiency. Price available will depend on the model of the battery.Also We offer wide range of solar products like we provide Solar Water Heater in Chennai, at your estimated budget and deliver it intime.



Best Inverter Batteries for your home

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The power supply is very important for a smooth and comfortable life. We rely on power for most of our daily activities like cooking, washing clothes, home temperature maintenance and more. Electricity has become a staple in our lives.

However, there are so many towns and cities in India that still suffer from continuous power failures – 2-3 hours in winters and 8 hours or more in summers. Due to these power cuts, life becomes extremely difficult. This is where power backups or inverters come to your rescue.

Inverters are one of the best inventions in the human world. Once you have installed it at your home or office, you don’t have to worry about a power outage. However, choosing the right inverter has to come with selecting the appropriate battery, which can be a tough task.

Hence, we offer help to choose the right inverter battery. We have compiled all the aspects of inverter batteries and listed them for you that will help you to choose the perfect inverter battery.

luminous car battery

Best inverter Battery dealer in Guduvancherry

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We deal in best quality Inverters in Guduvancherry. Inverters can be an energy efficient way of changing voltage. It can also step voltage up or down. It provides an AC voltage from a DC source and also smooths out random variations in input voltage.

We are a proud seller of vivid range of batteries in Guduvancherry. It is specially designed for batteries of cars and batteries of bikes. We have all brands of batteries including Amaron Battery (Best Amaron Battery in Guduvancherry)Exide Battery (best Exide Battery in Guduvancherry), Luminous Inverter and battery ( best Luminous Inverter and battery in Guduvancherry). We are the best dealer in Guduvancherry and we deal in all brands of UPS and also we sell and repair UPS with best services.

Ensure Uninterruptible Power Supply this summer

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Highpower system  has long been known for the trust it poses in its customers. Home UPSs are designed and created to give excellent power reinforcement alternative to zones with endless power cuts. By selecting a battery from Highpower system, you will likewise have the capacity to slice your expensive electricity bill. Precisely, innovation in energy like this isn’t just for the chic eco-friendly homeowner.

Also, batteries by Highpower system come bundled in an appealing looking packaging to fit in with any home’s stylistic layout. The powerful batteries provide backup during power outages, virtually eliminating the need for an emergency generator. These Home UPS’ are skilled in running every home machine including TVs, fridges, aeration and cooling systems and more.

There are fundamentally two sorts of batteries flat plate and tubular batteries. Flat plate batteries are widely used for storage in back up power supplies and stand-alone systems. flat plate Batteries comes in two Variants – 135 Ah and 150 Ah with 39 months* of warranty. Along with excellent charge acceptance that is it can withstand high currents, batteries are also inbuilt with protection against leakage and corrosion.

The Home UPSs additionally has advanced safety features like auto reset while AC is recovering, overload and short-circuit protection in battery mode along with a sleep mode to preserve battery life.

To protect the batteries, you can likewise select to purchase Home UPS battery Trolley which is made of the best quality plastic and with the use of relevant standard

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