Best Features of Home Ups

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Inverter and Home UPS have become a modern-day need in a complete home as power cuts are very frequent in summer season and no one can live without power anymore. So if you are the one frustrated with frequent power cuts in your city, it’s the perfect time for you to buy inverter and home UPS from a Inverter dealer.

Features of Home Ups

• Cost Saving: One unit solves the purpose of both Ups and Inverter. So ultimately results in reasonable amount of monetary savings.
• Space saving: Since two units are combined in one, lot of space problems are avoided.
• Backup: More Backup for computer as compared to UPS, since large batteries can be used. They are based on world’s most advanced sine wave technology; this Home UPS system provides 100% pure power which runs all appliances without the irritating- humming sound.
• Pure Sine wave Output: Pure Sine Wave is 100% clean, regulated, stable and distortion free power which is absolutely safe for running the sophisticated appliances without humming & irritating sound.
• Protection for your Appliances : A feature which will automatically switch on to the Battery mode in case there is extreme high or low voltage supplied from the mains, hence protecting your valuable equipments, connected through the CUPS, from any kind of damage
• Customized Charging Facility : Special provision of a Dual charging system has been in built into the Su-Kam Fusion Commercial UPS wherein user can increase the speed of Charging of the batteries as per requirement. This feature is very useful in areas with high power cuts.
• Overload Management System : In case of overload, the CUPS issues a warning to the user by switching “off” and “on” the power to the running appliances, the system gives the user chance to manage and identify the overload. Once the load is reduced the CUPS automatically resumes its services and saves customer from physically going to the CUPS and restarting it.
• User friendly indications: The LED / LCD screen and the alarm act as communication medium between the user and the system to provide comprehensive information about the condition of the system. User friendly indications on the LED / LCD screen help the user to manage the system with ease & comfort.
• Automatic Low Battery Protection : When in the battery mode, the system checks the batteries to protect them from deep discharge and alerts you with a buzzer sound.

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